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I believe art is the manifest expression of philosophy, and philosphy is the template for civilisation. It's how we express our humanity and how we access the humanity of others. Everyone deserves the right to art. To make it, to experience it, to share it.

Earlier this year, an idea that had been rattling around my brain finally fell out; a production company making work with accessibility built in. To make art that centres the communities that are traditionally marginalised in terms of being included in experiencing the art. That idea became The Magnificent Weirdos, and here we are.


The first production is being written now, and will have a Development season in July 2021 (fingers crossed). The very magnificent and definitely weird Ahi Karunaharan and I are co-conspirators in making this show happen. it's very exciting!

This is an experiment; a work in progress; a journey of hope and desire. We'll see where it takes us. Wherever it is, I've no doubt it will be weird and magnificent and chef's kiss good.

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Meanwhile, check out the website

And definitely check out Ahi