'...a smorgasboard of different voices finding the funny in new the assured and comedically strong hands of Zehra, The Cult of Comedy is a welcome addition to the list of comedy nights, with a feel and tone all of it's own.'  The Latest, Brighton


Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017
Brighton Fringe 2017
more to follow...



I've always wanted to start a cult (who doesn't?). So, I started THE CULT OF COMEDY- a night where the most interesting musicians, clowns & wordmongers come together to perform.  Follow us on twitter to find out when and where the gigs are; come on down and join the cult (we have koolaid and everything!) and let us know what you think- of the performers, the club, the cult. 


Although the Cult is a wandering and intermittent club (including Adelaide Fringe, Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe and one-off shows as charity gigs or Edinburgh Preview performances), we are delighted to be based at Brighton's rather marvellous The Blue Man, where you will be able to sample delicious North African food and enjoy a cool (or hot) drink as you laugh your socks off.


Being the mistress of a cult? Loving it so far. Essentially, it's a great way for me to surround myself with the best and most creative souls the circuit has to offer- to be constantly surprised and inspired, and to host a night that is enjoyable, challenging and nuturing for performers and audiences alike.