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WINNER **SPIRIT OF THE FRINGE** New Zealand Fringe 2017

NOMINEE **BEST COMEDY** & **BEST IN FRINGE** Dunedin Fringe 2019

We're all some kind of arsebiscuit.

The trick is how to be more biscuit, less arse.

What price friendship, when revolution beckons? What price joy and compassion?  And what about the menz?

A goulash of storytelling and political commentary, peppered with absurdity, dark humour and personal context.

Intent & consequence. Power & control. These are words. I will use them. You will laugh*

*terms & conditions apply



'An enthralling hour of unique storytelling comedy. Sharing stories from a life that straddles two very different cultures; arguing with mullahs; being an atheist in a religious, liberal family; planning the perfect murder; wandering outside the green zone in war torn Kabul; being stalked by a sheep in Coniston; and having tea with some terrorists in Kashmir. Journey with Sameena to find out why fear is redundant, joy is essential, and terrorists can be a real hoot.'


Freedom of movement, a cheerfully murderous matriarch, and memories of a wooden leg, all come together in this darkly humorous and absurd story of a 4-day trek up Machu Picchu. 

No Llamas (Dalai or otherwise) were harmed during the making of this show. This is a show about journey- from tortoise to lizard, from Zen to Nihilist, from the Himalayas to the Andes. 


NOMINEE **BEST IN FRINGE** New Zealand Fringe 2016

It is time to cull the human race. But how is a life-long believer in non violence to choose? By making a list. A culling list.

The internationally acclaimed show from a pacifist with a culling list (what?). Sameena combines the weight of her political opinions with her particular brand of caustic, dark humour, in a 'playfully demonic' (Tony Allen) show that explores the sublime and the the ridiculous, whether there is hope for the human race. On balance, there is. Maybe. Possibly. Who knows.

A whirlwind hour of comedy and storytelling that will have you laughing, thinking and arguing in equal measure. And possibly exploring your inner homicidal pacifist, as you pen a culling list of your own.

'...the political heart of Bill Hicks... a show that's brave, funny, fiery and true' Herald, Scotland.

'...combines warmth with political passion.' **** Scotsgay

'...ballsy, intelligent, searing...the best show of the fringe.' Radio Adelaide



(Formerly called Poetry Can F*ck Off)

An epic celebration of Rhyme, Rhythm & Revolution from Heathcote Williams.  (Glasgow Herald Archangel – Lifetime’s Achievement Award Winner)

Poetry can seriously f*ck off authority figures. It gets under the skin of those whose brains have been made rigid by power.  ‘The right words, in the right place’ can cut deep and change the world. Featuring the verse, lyrics and music of Maya Angelou, Jim Morrison, Billie Holiday, Sophie Scholl, Emily Dickinson, Martin Luther King, William Blake, Arundhati Roy, Victor Jara, Gil Scott-Heron, Lupe Fiasco and many, many others, this groundbreaking show is a celebration of those who have spoken up against tyranny while making our hearts pound.   

Narrated by Roy Hutchins with  Sameena Zehra,  Anya Tate-Manning and James Nokise plus special guests. Live music by Dr Blue

'spellbinding, provocative...passionate & political' ***** Three Weeks

‘(a) glorious & incendiary song cycle of rhyme & rebellion...stunning' The Lazarus Corporation

'A convincing case for poetry as weapon of choice in the revolution...brilliant' ****Sabotage Reviews


'funny, fiery, brave, and true' Herald, Scotland.

‘Fresh, sharp and socially conscious...instantly loveable’ Fringebiscuit


a goulash of hilarity... dark, intelligent banter... intelligent, sharp and ingenious'

 ****vulture magazine Melbourne


'The wittiest and sassiest lady I've ever had the pleasure of watching.'

Buzzcut, Perth Fringe


‘...great verve...funny...clever...entertaining.' Adelaide Advertiser


***** Australian Arts Review


‘...a warmly witty hour….astonishing, and frequently violent.’  The Independent


'A master storyteller' ****

Three Weeks, Edinburgh


**** Metro, London


'Zehra’s comedy is witty and appealing.... 'Final word: 'Terrorific'

Rip It Up, Adelaide


'Sameena finds humour in almost every strand of her life ...I was left wanting the next chapter.' *****

The Latest, Brighton


A witty and vibrant comedian...captured the large and mixed audience and kept the chortles coming thick and fast.

Arts in Leicestershire


‘...a one woman powerhouse of a show..’ femalearts.com